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What Is A Telescopic Security Bollard?

What Is A Telescopic Security Bollard?

A telescopic security bollard is a retractable bollard that locks into position when needed. It is usually designed to decrease into the ground when not in use, permitting vehicles to pass over. However what else do it's good to know about this ingenious product?

What are the benefits of a telescopic security bollard?
They keep individuals and places safe
With terrorism continuing to current a considerable threat in the UK, keeping individuals and places safe is critical. This is particularly true as there has been an increase in terrorist attacks using vehicles, with many incidents designed to mow down pedestrians.

Crash tested telescopic security bollards are extremely robust and have been designed to bear up in opposition to the force of a vehicle impact. Certainly, crash rated telescopic bollards are a few of the most reliable bollards in our range, having PAS 68, IWA-14 and hostile vehicle mitigation tested to withstand the force of 7.5-tonne impact. As such, they can prevent bad drivers from finishing up such attacks.

What’s more, because they retract when not in use, our public areas stay useable for different vehicles when necessary.

Find out more about how crash-tested bollards are serving to to prevent terrorism.

They help with site visitors control
Telescopic security bollards can be utilized to calm and control traffic. For instance, bollards can be utilized to regulate access to pedestrianised streets, parks and other areas – while still giving delivery/upkeep vans access when required.

They stop people stealing parking areas
Organisations and residential developments often use retractable telescopic security bollards to make sure that unauthorised drivers don’t take car parking areas they are not entitled to.

They provide a safe and accessible solution
Because telescopic security bollards are totally retractable, they don’t current an obstruction or trip-hazard when not in use. This generally is a big benefit in areas with pedestrian access.

How does a telescopic security bollard work?
There are a lot of different kinds of telescopic security bollards. And we’d be happy to talk by one of the best option for you and your needs. But, for essentially the most part, telescopic security bollards are put in relatively deep underground. This offers them the required energy to withstand a vehicle crashing into them.

Telescopic security bollards lock into place when raised, either manual or automatically. They also retract fully underground when not in use, leaving a smooth and flush to the ground finish.

Widespread places to install telescopic bollards
There are a number of various places that use telescopic security bollards to control traffic. Three of the commonest are:

Delivery bays. For an organisation to function successfully, delivery vehicles mustn’t be restricted. Telescopic security bollards provide the perfect solution – particularly in pedestrianised spaces
Towns & cities. More and more councils are having to implement anti-terror measures to keep busy spaces safe. Telescopic security bollards are enjoying an important role when it comes to making sure pedestrian safety
Parking spaces. Having people park in your driveway or work parking area is a real pain. Telescopic security bollards be certain that your allocated parking spots are only used by the people you give access to.
Fitting a telescopic put up
Telescopic bollards are suitable for many ground types, however you do need the suitable tools and expertise to install them correctly. As such, we'd strongly advocate that you make sure your telescopic security bollards are fitted by a professional.

Do all security bollards look the same?
Absolutely not! Telescopic bollards are available a broad range of styles, supplies, finishes and colours. So, you'll be able to meet your visitors challenges without diminishing the look and feel of the areas you need to protect. What’s more, at Macs, our telescopic security bollards come with:

Bollard cylinder colour matching to blend in with your branding and surroundings
Integrated flashing lights and audible sounders for additional visibility and safety
Why choose Macs telescopic security bollards?
With projects around the UK, including the availability of telescopic security bollards for residential and commercial premises, local authority pedestrian areas, city regeneration projects and hostile vehicle mitigation schemes, we now have a system to suit your needs. Whatever they may be.

Our telescopic range provides you full management over your bollard security. And, now we have one of the quickest turnaround times within the industry thanks to our pre-installation assessment.

When it comes to telescopic barriers, every product is tested completely earlier than leaving our warehouse to ensure optimal operation. And, as soon as delivered, our trained and skilled engineers will set up your new telescopic security bollards with the minimum of disturbance to the surrounding area. Website URL: